Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Awards Lunch


I have emailed all of the parents of students that are seniors in both Art 3 and Art 4 about the annual awards lunch.
If you don't remember what I am talking about when I say "awards lunch", you are pathetic.
But really, if you don't remember, maybe this will restore your senses to you...

This is when your parents bring awesome food and I give out the awards for best senior painter and excellence in art and I recognize all of the graduating Art 3/4's...

See, remember now???

At any rate, this year's event will happen on Wed., May 23rd, so mark your calendars.

Also, some of your parent's emails have been bounced back to me, so ask them if they have heard from me regarding this.
If they have not, please PLEASE have them send me an email so I can send them a link to help sign up to bring something.
If they can't bring something but want to attend anyway, please tell them the date and time.

May 23rd, 11:20-12:30.


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