Friday, September 12, 2014

Did Someone Say Mural?

Well, it happened today. Paint got on the wall that is.
What a day to begin, too, what with the heat and all. I know one thing, I am exhausted.

If you come by the school you will see a very loud and crazy "painting" so far. Trust me, it's a long way from being finished.
Remember, it is a work in progress.

If you want to follow along on the interwebs in places other than just here, look for tags such as #lghsart and #studio502
Having said all of that, the above pic was taken today. Just a very small peek into what happened.

Oh, and the raffle winners have been drawn.
Congratulations to: Sharon Pratt, Hans Candries, and Lucy Kain.

They will get their custom paintings within the next couple of months. More on that to come.

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