Thursday, March 31, 2016

Daily Sketchbook 3/31

Get out your pen and ink (yes, that classic dip pen).
Get ready to use stipple only.
Get ready to NOT draw out your image ahead of time in pencil (or ink, even).
working straight with ink, and from your imagination/memory, draw an image based off one of the following "F" words:


Have fun and Draw!

Yes, I understand that you won't "finish" this in 15 minutes, but it gives you an excellent start for a future daily sketchbook page!

Also, since tomorrow is the spirit rally and the last day of the grading period and Friday and all of that and so much more you may choose to not do the daily sketchbook and I will not penalize you for it so you can say thank you and smile and be happier than usual because you are awesome and you like to make my life happy too :)

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