Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Daily Sketchbook 8/31

Last time we sketched out what you will need for your "mindful moment" image each time we do that for your daily sketchbook. By the way, I will be trying to do the mindful moments on a consistent basis this year, but if it would be helpful for you to do them more frequently, just let me know.

At any rate, please use some ink and/or a marker and/or a micron pen to make your sketch from last time look like the one below.

Each time we do a mindful moment in class you will be expected to photograph and upload this image. Please please please know that I need you to have this image finished before you come to class on Friday.
If you do not finish it in our first 15 minutes today please use tomorrow's daily sketchbook time to finish "inking" this. Thank you in advance.

Here is the image...

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