Friday, September 23, 2016

NUMU Student Exhibition

The annual NUMU high school exhibition isn't exactly soon, but since I have the information for the theme I might as well share them here.

The theme they have decided on this year is: Choices.

Here is what they have to say in the pamphlet I received from them:

"Which a spotlight on youth perspectives, NUMU asks stdents to visually communicate their responses to the theme, Choices.
Life is a set of choices. We live with the consequences of the choices we make as well as those made for us. Our family, our friends, our teachers, our leaders make choices that affect each of us. How does choice define you, identify you, or excite you? What impact has a choice made by you or others, regionally or globally, influenced you and/or the world? What single significant choice affects you now?"

You can find more information about the exhibit ONLINE HERE, or by taking one of the fliers from my desk.

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