Wednesday, December 7, 2016

Art 1's Please Read

I am keeping the due date for the color wheel tempera painting as tomorrow, 12/8.
However, I am extending the time that you have to get your painting to me without penalty as outlined below.

You will have until the end of tutorial on Monday, 12/12 to get me your painting. Please note that you may NOT use class time on 12/12 to work on your painting.
This will give you after school time on Thursday, tutorial time on Friday, after school time on Friday, and tutorial time on Monday to get additional time on your painting.

Please do not rush the last 10% and make your painting a wreck in order to just get it done. Please don't do this.
I'm really enjoying some of the work you have already done and am looking forward to seeing your end results.

Keep in mind your probable need to have more than one layer on most areas in order to have opaque and smoothly applied paint. Please keep in mind the need to cover your pencil lines completely. Don't forget the color/value requirements either.

Smile. Have fun. I'll see you in class tomorrow.

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