Wednesday, December 7, 2016

Daily Sketchbook 12/7

Austin Kleon is a favorite. Much about the career he has constructed for himself is crazy great, and he is someone I suggest you investigate/look up at some point.

He first became "known" online for creating what he has termed "Newspaper Blackouts"

While you can watch the following video (volume not necessary) , I think the examples below it are probably just as instructive. I think the length of the piece in the video is a little much as sometimes less is more.

Grab a page from a magazine and a sharpie to create your own.

When you are finished you should use rubber  cement or glue stick (if you have your own) or scotch tape to attach your blackout poem to the next available page in your sketchbook.

As an added bonus, I will call on a few of you to read yours aloud to the class!

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