Monday, January 29, 2018

Regarding Registration

You've heard me talk about it, so HERE is the link to the Electives Concentration layout.

As a department we know the value of the skills you learn in the electives that are offered here at LGHS. You have a robust selection, and if we dive deeper, we know that the project and studio based courses you have available to you are integral to your success both in and out of high school. These classes add a level of understanding that is just different than what you get in some of your other classes.
Different is good.

We know that these classes take commitment and energy and we are always appreciative of the work that is put in by conscientious students. We are also aware that you have your attention pulled in many directions by "requirements" that may or may not be as necessary as you think they are.

With the direction of education and college admissions on our minds, part of the question we posed ourselves was, "how do we help our committed students stand out from the crowd in a positive way?"

The Electives Concentration is what we came up with. The linked document may not have all of the answers, so please come in and speak with me if you have any questions.

The shortest gist I can give is this:
  • take at least two years of one elective (such as Art 1 and Art 2)
  • take at least five electives total
  • make sure they fall in the columns in the linked document (no, not all mix and match electives work...for a variety of reasons)
  • complete a portfolio during senior year
  • be recognized at graduation and have an additional item to put on your college application

This last one is very important to me. I know (because colleges have said it) that colleges want a student who is dedicated and who can persist; they want a student that has a focus and interest (hese things show that you will probably stick around for them, and work through the rough patches that invariably come with life and education); they need someone who is more than just a number.
This concentration is a great way to help you stand above other students from other high schools, and allow you to "hang your hat on" something that is larger than a transcript or gpa alone.

I have one more thing to mention, but that is the gist. Please ask if there are questions (your counselors can also help).

Last, beginning next year Art 3 with be Art 3 Honors.
I know I know I know, that's not what it says on the sheet you have from the guidance department for registration. Technically it isn't official because the ball didn't get rolling for that until after the UC window was closed on that. I have been assured that it is coming though.
Personally I don't think this should be the deciding factor on you or your peers signing up for Art 3, of course I want you to do it just because it is a good class and is getting you the applied art credit you need for graduation, but I bet that it will be a nice added bonus for some of you, so that is one of the things I've been working on.
Again, any more questions, please ask.

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