Wednesday, February 28, 2018

What Might That Mean?

Good afternoon, all.
Well, I just finished verifying all of the marks for the first grading period of second semester that ended before the break. I'm glad that is finished!

If you go into Aeries everyone has some comments and everyone has a "grade".
Remember, this is really just a progress report. Also remember that if you want more information, you really need to read the feedback on the individual entries from the CANVAS gradebook.
Additionally, if you are in Art 2, I left some feedback on the assessment checklist you completed in class yesterday, but clearly that is on that sheet of paper so you can't read it online. But that should be a given.

There are a significant amount of "I" marks this grading period.
"I", again, stands for "incomplete". 

If you are thinking, but I have a different "grade" in Canvas, hold up, I'll explain.

Even if you have turned in every assignment, that doesn't mean that the assignment is complete.
Did you print out the photo you needed for Ch. 4 in Art 1?
Did you upload all three of the images you needed to in Art 2 for colored pencil?
Did you adjust the color chart as asked if some of it was incorrect in Art 2 or Art 3?
Did you upload your Memory thumbnails for Art 4?
Did you not turn in one or more of your Independent Practice pieces for Art 2, 3, 4?

Even if Canvas says you have an "A", if you are missing something significant, you likely see an "I" in Aeries.

As I have communicated, I am not stressed about this. If you haven't already familiarized yourself with what you are missing, you should go back and do so. If you aren't reading the feedback given, you should go back and do so.
Remember that you can still get anything that is missing to me and I/we will get it assessed. Please, though, make sure to hand any missing work directly to me so that it doesn't get lost in the shuffle. It won't make a difference in this marking period at this point, but it will make a difference as we move further into the semester.


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