Wednesday, April 25, 2018

Daily Sketchbook 4/25

Please get out your pen and ink.
If you go back to your backpack image, from Monday (yes, this is the last time we'll address this image) I want you to find a way to draw attention to the backpack, or more ideally, a specific part of the backpack.
This could mean adding detail or shading to a part of the backpack.
Alternatively this could mean adding some sort of "contrary" element to the images (such as a series of straight lines in a defined shape around a particular part).
You could just address the negative space and add too what should already be there.

I'm not sure the best path forward for you but please keep adding to your image until I ask you to stop.

Once we are uploaded here please come close to my desk so that we can look at some examples together.

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