Friday, June 8, 2018

Welcome to the Summer.

Summer 2018...
First, a quick note to the seniors who will be graduating tonight:

Congratulations. This evening you will acquire a piece of paper after years of work which will tell you of your accomplishment. Yes! I am thankful to know each and every one of you, and hope you keep in touch as your journey continues.
Be safe and strive for joy. You are capable and kind, so please share your best self with the world.

Next, to everyone else:

I have thoroughly enjoyed my year(s) with you. While every year has its ups and downs I can say that there are more positives I am leaving with than negatives. I have wonderful memories from each class period, and have learned a lot myself along the way. As usual, I am thankful not just for this, but for your efforts.
It is true that what we do in the studio more closely mirrors real life than most of your other classes (in terms of workflow, longevity, depth over time, etc.), and it is always a process.
I have enjoyed looking through your finals as well. There are some really good examples of complex thought that you were able to get down on paper, and for some of you this final effort of product made a positive difference.
Some of you didn't take it as seriously as you could, and you certainly missed an opportunity - especially when I compare different results side by side.

As a global statement, I truly wish for us all to have a restful and refreshing summer. I believe it to be well earned.
You are fabulous. You are cared for. You are admired. Go, and enjoy.
I'll see you soon.


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