Thursday, November 21, 2019

Ch. 3 Sketchbook and Beyond

Hi all,
A few things as we work towards the end of the semester.
First, I have set and published the due date for Ch. 3. As it says in the assignment (yes, please read the text of the assignment), since this is due so late in the semester, you will not have the opportunity to have a re-do after the feedback is submitted to "up" your assessment. There just isn't the time for that.
With regards to Ch. 3, there will not be a "sketchbook check" assignment due date. I will be quite busy helping each of you with your upcoming paintings, and plan to come around and see what you have done (and offer feedback), but there will not be a set date for you to have two complete.
I cannot stress enough that you should work ahead and NOT WAIT until the last minute to begin these four (or five) pieces.

With regards to your sketchbook...
while I always want you to knock it out of the park, have fun, work hard, etc., please really do that here.
Next semester you will see a drastic change in the way we use our sketchbook is used and assessed. The full details won't really matter until January, but the "chapters" that we have been doing each grading period will be gone and it will become more of a working document and place of obvious practice. Stay tuned!

Also, we will be getting in to working with the apple pencil and drawing digitally on the ipad. I love doing this, so I hope it is something you look forward to!

We have a lot to do to make super significant progress on the "large"/cultural tempera painting, so let's use our time well and have fun for these last few weeks this semester.

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