Monday, November 11, 2019

End of G.P. Notes

We technically ended a grading period last week.
This means I have to put in comments and make sure your marks are as updated as possible within the next few day.
This is what happened this morning:
  • Art 1: if you had a "complete" sketchbook check but have not yet turned in ch. 2 I put in the minimum pts possible
  • Art 1: if you had an "incomplete" sketchbook check and have not yet turned in ch. 2 I put in a zero; please get me your sketchbook this week!
  • Art 1: if you have not turned in your pen and ink you likely got a minimum number of points (I know everyone has at least started this project so everyone got at least some points). I can reassess when you turn in the drawings to me (this week!). 
  • Art 2: I put in a zero or a minimum number of points for pieces where necessary; if there is something that needs to be updated please come see me in person about that
  • Art 2: there is a new I.P. assignment regarding your sketchbook, so please read that (remember, these are not finished pieces)
Some of your grades dropped because of these changes, but since there is only one g.p. left before the end of the semester I don't want to wait until December to get scores in the gradebook. I'm happy to reassess and make changes as necessary, but come see me in person with the required work to address where I have made any mistakes.

Smile and enjoy your day off :)
I didn't do any school work this weekend so that's what I'm spending my Monday doing.
Sigh. But I did it to myself.

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