Monday, September 9, 2013

t-shirt design opportunity

The annual LG vs Saratoga football game is coming up and the Leadership class has asked you awesome folks for some ideas.

Here is what I know:
  • the t-shirt will be black (which will be one of your colors, obviously)
  • you can use up to three colors (black will be a "fourth" color)
  • the designs have to be turned in by 9/18 - that is next week :(
  • judging will be on 9/19
  • you can write and/or draw just about anything you want
  • you can draw the design out on printer paper or art paper or the computer or whatever, but simple 8.5 x 11" printer paper is more than fine (not bigger, por favor)

Did I mention everyone at the game will be wearing your design? Pretty rad.

Did I also mention that designs are due BY the 18th?

Ok, good, enough said.

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