Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Art 4 Daily Drawing for 1/28

Ok, this will be fun.
I want you to open up to the last class period's list of brainstormed subjects and follow the below directions.

  • draw on top of the list(s) you made last class
  • draw in pencil only
  • draw an apple looking into a mirror
  • reflected in the mirror must be a pineapple
  • you must include some sort of context outside of those three objects
  • you must come at least close to filling at least one page with your initial line drawing
  • you must at least begin shading at least one of the above three mentioned objects
  • I should be able to see drawn images and text in the photo you upload to canvas today
  • you may NOT draw from photographs/images
  • set the timer on your phone for 15 min as soon as you finish reading this and don't stop drawing until the timer goes off - other than that you shouldn't be looking at your phone for images at all (or any other image source)

This isn't about perfection, it is about working. Not overthinking, just working. Go.

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