Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Art 4 Daily Drawing for 3/10

How long has it been since you busted out your pen & ink?
Probably longer than you would like to admit. So...that's what we're using today.

Large Pen, ink bottle, paper towel, mirror

  • read all of the directions before beginning
  • Draw on the page you did last Wed. and Fri. (with the stream of conscious writing and the teardrop pattern)
  • position your mirror so that you are in the center of the field of view
  • begin by drawing the outer contour of your head (head, shoulders, etc)
  • do not make your self so large there is no room for any negative space
  • do not draw your face or any detail in your head
  • only draw the negative space that you see in the mirror
  • only draw directly with the pen (do not sketch in pencil first)
  • draw as informatively and neatly as possible
  • set your timer and draw for only 11 minutes (it only takes 2 min tops to get your materials and get set up) so that you can be totally finished and uploaded before 15 minutes of class has expired


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