Monday, March 16, 2015

Art 4 Daily Drawing for 3/16

Being thoughtful/mindful of your surroundings is always important, or as I have said many times:

Awareness comes in many forms but here is how I want you to apply it for your daily drawing today:

  • think of an "everyday" object in your house (something that you see and/or use all the time without even considering it)
  • this should be something that is "always there" but not something such as your smartphone or laptop
  • it could be the funky kitchen timer you always use for making cookies or the rooster lamp your grandmother gave your dad or the alarm clock you got when you were nine and still sometimes use
  • close your eyes and picture it in your head - think about it from all sides
  • in the middle-ish of your page in pencil only, with your eyes still closed, begin to describe the object using words only
  • is is curvy, sharp, metal, cold, shiny, rough, what kind of rough, tall, made of wood, does it have slits or holes...etc, etc
  • spend no more than five minutes writing with your eyes closed
  • once you have described it with as much language as possible, open your eyes and begin to draw your object in pencil only
  • draw it as accurately as possible in proportion/line/shading as possible in the remaining ten minutes (or so)

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