Monday, January 11, 2016

Daily Sketchbook 1/11

We are going to do some digital drawing again today. We first did this way back in October, so if you don't remember exactly how to get set up, please go HERE to review the step by step.
This will require you getting an ipad to begin with so here is my request.
  • Put your phone down
  • go get an ipad
  • open this page back up in safari on the ipad
  • open the requested drawing program (procreate - or if procreate isn't there, use brushes)
Once you have that completed, here is your drawing topic for the day:

Close your eyes and imagine your kitchen sink. Think about the faucet and the objects surrounding it, and its general area.
Now draw that area in as much detail as possible for 15 minutes.

When you are finished, save your image to the camera roll and then upload it to your daily sketchbook assignment in Canvas.

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