Friday, January 22, 2016

Daily Sketchbook 1/22

So you see the sub here today, right?
Please do what you know you are supposed to and be kind and courteous and appropriate with your time. Some of you are more on top of this than others, but as usual you should know that it is your responsibility to help make sure your peers are doing as you all know they are supposed to be doing.

Your daily sketchbook for the day...

I want you to position yourself at your table group so that you can see another table of students working in another part of the room. Please spend the next 15 minutes after you finish reading this to draw, from observation, a table group in another part of the room.
Your drawing should include the people, tables (or at least the table tops), and any other important information (pencils in hands, sketchbooks, etc.)

Might I suggest beginning in a gestural fashion and only worrying about details after you get everything blocked in???

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