Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Daily Sketcbhook 11/29

Go back to your daily sketchbook page from 10/12 (the one where you added watercolor to your sandcastle drawing.

Keep your book open to that page while simultaneously opening the procreate app on the ipad.

Begin replicating your sandcastle painting in that procreate app and see how close you can get it to look in the next 13 minutes.

Remember that you can create layers for diff areas, and you can adjust the opacity of a brush/tool/layer with the slider on the side of the screen.

When time is up, export the image as a jpg and upload that image to Canvas.

Coming back to class during tutorial on an "off" day and finding your ipad and continuing to work on this image so that you get better with drawing on the ipad is always a good idea. Hint hint.

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