Monday, November 14, 2016

Daily Sketchbook 11/14 - plus everything!

This is your official redemption week.
As I have said to many of you throughout this semester, if you miss a daily sketchbook day, it really isn't that big of a deal. At two points per day, two or even six or eight points doesn't make (or shouldn't make) that big of a difference over an 18 week semester.
However, I am surprised at how many days some of you have missed. Wow.

So here is the deal. There are seven days of school between now and Thanksgiving Break. If you look at the daily sketchbook assignment for today through the 22nd, you'll notice that it is only worth four points. Those four points will come from next week, and yes, you are expected to upload a daily sketchbook page for each of those days next week. For this week, though, you have the option.

You will not be "penalized" for not uploading a daily sketchbook image - both in class and on the off days (but note that you should be vigorously working on your oil painting if you are not doing a daily sketchbook in class), but you will receive points for doing a daily sketchbook for each day of this week.

What does this look like? Allow me to paint you a picture.
Let's say Jane does a daily sketchbook for today and tomorrow, but not for Wed, Thurs, or Fri, but gets back on track next week for both days. This will leave her with eight points out of four. Basically "extra credit".
If Jane really just wants to make some headway on her painting and does nothing for her daily sketchbook this week, but is on top of it both days next week, she would receive four out of four available points, or 100% for this two week section of daily sketchbook time.

BUT...let me be clear on a few things. First, some of you are not uploading appropriately, so let me remind you of the expectations as defined online. "When photographing for your daily sketchbook upload ALWAYS photograph the entire page AND make sure your image is IN FOCUS AND make sure there is no shadow from your hand/device obscuring the image." At least that's what it says on Canvas. Presentation matters!!! 
Second, I will only be giving credit for images that are uploaded for each day this week. This means that you cannot upload during tutorial or right before class starts after an off day from class. I will only be giving credit for one photo of a sketchbook page per day. If you draw something at home (or school) on Tuesday but don't upload the image on Tuesday and you wait until Wed., you will not receive credit. To be really clear, 12:01am on "Tuesday night" is NOT going to be considered Tuesday. It is Wednesday. So don't wait until the last minute. I am going to be much much more strict on this since it both makes my life easier and it requires a smidge more effort on your part. But hey, this is extra so you should be happy, right?

Oh, and again,
When photographing for your daily sketchbook upload ALWAYS photograph the entire page AND make sure your image is IN FOCUS AND make sure there is no shadow from your hand/device obscuring the image. I will be paying attention to how you photograph and upload your images and if you are not doing as asked, I reserve the right to withhold credit. Good habits, folks. Let's solidify good habits!

Lastly, Art 4's, I am moving your due date to Friday. I haven't decided if it is due at the end of class or at some point in the middle of class yes, but I do know that I want to spend some time talking about your next assignment on Wednesday, so know that even though I am giving you more class time to work on this, you won't have all of that time for your own work time. I do expect to see some of you working on your painting outside of class time to make sure it is completed well. Additionally, there will be a bit of writing that I will ask from you regarding your painting, so be prepared to use some of class time for that as well on Friday (or Wednesday).

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