Monday, November 7, 2016

Daily Sketchbook 11/7

This was published a couple of weeks ago. Hopefully you have watched the included videos ahead of time and already begun percolating some ideas in your cranial cavity.

"What I see for the future..."

That's the theme put out by Google for this year's doodle contest. First I want to get in to what they write before talking about the prizes - which I think you'll be interested in.

First, "challenge student to look at how they will make a difference in creating the world of tomorrow."

1. Have students explore the industries and technologies that are shaping our future, such as:
  • transportation (driverless cars, commercial space travel)
  • renewable energy (windmill power)
  • technology (3D printing, artificial intelligence)
2. As students research, have them consider what things will be like in the future: How will people communicate with family and friends How will they commute to school and work? Will there be world peace and equality?

3. Ask students to select one emerging technology/trend that would change their daily lives in the future. Challenge the students to think about how they can help advance the cause through their efforts in the future.

4. Have students create a presentation sharing how they could tackle this issue and make an impact in the future.

This is a lot to take in. BEFORE I give you their template, I just want you to brainstorm. See what you might be interested in portraying by collecting ideas from everyone at your table group. Make a list (words and images) that you may use as a jumping off point.
That may be as far as you get today. This is ok.

Speaking of inspiration, they have THIS VIDEO that is pretty interesting in terms of ideation and working methods, some of which may sound familiar.

That first video is "imagine" and THIS SECOND VIDEO is called "create". I especially love this second one. You may want to watch it more than once. Just saying.

I would view this prompt as a process. You can take several (non-class) days to work on this - which I kind of suggest, and you may also use this as one of your study drawings for the month of November.

For this daily sketchbook, I have the Google template on my desk. You may begin drawing/doodling on it once you read the text, or you may end up spending most of your time watching the linked videos (and not get much done on the template. You may also begin brainstorming content and ideas in your sketchbook as notes for working on your Google design.
Because of this, there are a few options you may include for your daily sketchbook.
One might simply be a screenshot from the ipad of the video(s) as you watch them (though this is certainly the path of least resistance; one may be of you working on the template; one may be of the template next to your brainstorming on a page in your sketchbook. 

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