Wednesday, March 1, 2017

Daily Sketchbook 3/1

We will use our time as a continuation of what you began on Monday. You should be at a point where you are shading your object, so how much further can you get on that? Do you begin adding color with colored pencil or watercolor? Or do you do some inking/shading?

Also, the objects you had to choose from were not by accident. We spent all day on Monday thinking about symbolism and metaphor, and both of those objects are things you have dealt with in your English classes in the past. A mockingbird and a conch shell. Ring a bell?
Both of those objects mean different things to different cultures, but you should have had conversations about what they represent from texts you have read in the past.

Once the 15 min mark gets here today I will give the next directions, but I know you'll need to have your sketchbook and pencil and ipad out. Please make sure everything else is off of your desk.

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