Monday, March 20, 2017

Daily Sketchbook 3/20

Welcome to another week of wonderful!
Today is a little different, and this week you will be asked to work on the same thing for multiple days, so please pay close attention to all directions.

Step One: Get a piece of printer paper.
NOT drawing paper, but printer paper. There should be a stack under the tv near the front door

Step Two: follow the directions from one of the following two photos.

Step Three: Please make sure your name is visible on your wonderful creation.

Step Four: Photograph your wonderful creation on your desk or the counter with nothing else in the frame.

Step Five: Gently place your wonderful creation in your tote box so that it is is pristine condition for next time.
Remember when you are putting your painting supplies away at the end of class that you want this plane to be in good shape for Wed.

Step Six: You are finished for your daily sketchbook. Begin painting.
Oh, and smile.

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