Monday, March 12, 2018

Daily Sketchbook 3/12

Back to that elephant.
Continuing to add on, alter, or change an existing page makes for images that can be unexpected.
They don't always have to make sense, and sometimes the pages that have less energy devoted to the items on the page can be the most interesting.
Below is a pretty simple donut. You could add some shading today, or tomorrow.
You could have this balancing on your elephant's head or back. Up to you.

Image result for donut drawing

Or what if you did something with the boat below?
Image result for origami boat
If you used the boat below, what else would you put on the flag?
Image result for origami boat

What happens if you do multiples of something? Or if you have the elephant balancing on one set of things while it is simultaneously balancing other things?

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