Thursday, March 15, 2018

Important News for Next Week

Good afternoon, all.

I have already told you that I will be gone to the NAEA conference next week for two days (Thurs., and Fri.), and because of this there are a couple of things that you need to be aware of. I will try to break it down by level below so that you don't need to read the entire post. However, there is one thing that applies to you all: you need to have color printout of any reference photo for your current project in class to work from.

Art 1
You will be continuing on your album cover as it is due shortly - which you should be well aware of. While you do not have access to the ipads today since Mrs. Matsui and I are both out of town, this means you do not have them to use as a reference. You need to have any references for color/texture/values printed out ahead of time. But I'm giving you a week prior notice so this shouldn't be an issue, right? Good :)
This also means that you do not have them to use for music. I know some of you are really  used to having your own tunes playing in your ears, but you will just have to (gasp!) live without it for a whole 90 minutes. Don't worry, I think you'll survive.
I am giving the sub directions that he/she can play music from the computer in my cabinet so you'll just have to be fine with that.
To summarize: electronic devices are to be used during class on Th/Fri. next week.

Art 2
You will be continuing on your acrylic painting. You need to have a color reference photo before Thursday of next week if you are to make appropriate progress on your painting. Don't just "go for it". Use your reference, since I will be using it when you turn your painting in anyway.
You need your reference photo because the ipads will be locked and unavailable during class time since I will be out of town.
No, you may not use your phones as reference and you may not use your phones to listen to music. Nobody should have headphones in during class when the sub is here. I will be leaving very specific directions for the sub to not allow phone use, and to quietly tell me who is violating this policy so that I can deal with it when I come back.
Please sit in the seats you typically sit in because I will be leaving a seating chart for the sub to help with this and to help with attendance.
Honestly, I just don't want it to be an issue. I will let the sub pic music to play in my absence, so even if you don't like it, it really isn't a big deal, so please don't make it one.
Make good and legit progress on your work and all will be good.

Art 3/4
If you perused over the above you'll notice a common thread - when I am gone at the NAEA conference you will not have access to the ipads.
This means you need to print out any necessary photos/images ahead of time so that you have them to paint from. Uploading them to google drive will not be enough since I will not allow you to access your phone (per normal class policy) while the sub is here.
This also means you will not have access to the ipads for listening to "your" music. You cannot use your own device to listen to music either.
I will allow the sub (not you) to put some music on the stereo and you'll just have to be ok with that. It isn't the end of the world so please don't create an issue out of it. It's only 90 minutes of your life. You'll survive.
There isn't a "daily sketchbook" that you need to upload during class, so this isn't an issue, and anything you need to document and upload a photo of to Canvas can be done before or after class (since you are totally ok to use your phone outside of those 90 min).

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