Wednesday, March 7, 2018

Looking Back, Looking Forward

Good day to all of you Art 3 and Art 4 folks.
I realized (too late) yesterday that some of you are lacking in a few turn-in items that you need.
Please make sure to address the following things:

  • are your memory thumbnails turned in and marked complete in the gradebook?
  • did you give me a description of what your final painting will look like in the acrylic painting assignment in the gradebook (if you are in the app hit "message instructor")?
  • how many process photos have you uploaded (drawing, initial glaze, layering, initial color mixing, etc.)?
  • have you uploaded your photo reference(s)?
These things hit on success not just for this project, but for a later project as well. Please work on this during tutorial today if you have not done it already!

Thank you!

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