Monday, September 24, 2018

Art 2 Important Reminders

Art 2's
Remember that Oct. 1st (next Monday) is the final date to adjust your still life based off the feedback you have received.
If you are making changes, don't forget to upload a finished/final photo before you submit your assignment to me again. Additionally, leave me a comment in the assignment that tells me what you did/changed.

As for Independent Practice...last week you filled out a self reflection. Not all of them are where they need to be. Once you read the feedback I gave on those and/or in the gradebook, see me if needed. There are several that are marked as "I" and shouldn't be. This may be a very simple fix, but it may need more from you.
You have this week to get this to where it should be.

Whenever you change and/or finish something, always upload a new photo documenting the newest version of the piece.

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