Sunday, September 23, 2018

Thinking About Finishing and Follow Up

Art 1's:
As we near the end of our first "big" project, I wanted to take a moment and encourage you to spend some time in the studio during out of class time this next week.
Some of you already do this regularly, but most of you do not. Please schedule this in.

Not only will some of you need it to finish your still life drawing well, but there is also the matter of your sketchbook. As most of you hopefully noticed, I got feedback into the Canvas gradebook before the weekend. For those that I didn't get to (yet), I should easily get that done at some point tomorrow.
You will have this coming week (the last of September) to use the feedback to make any adjustments and/or fixes to your work.

To remind you, I already have marks recorded separately from the online gradebook, but I know through research and experience that you won't really pay attention to that feedback the way it is intended to if you see a "grade" up front. After this week I will put your assessment in the gradebook, but if you have gone back and made adjustments, so will I.
Some people will see something like "great job", and will need to do nothing; many people need to do even the simplest things such as label everything properly; several of you will need to go back and show that you can shade with smudge shading while having the entire objects shaded (not just the edges) and without lines for definition. If you have questions, see me at tutorial. Please.

I am requesting your sketchbook by the end of this week for final assessment if you are going back to make adjustments. If you do not need to do anything, or just decide not to, you don't need to give it to me again.
If you go back and fix something, I need to see an updated photograph in Canvas that documents the changes made (ask me about this when you turn it in again).

I have put some more sketchbooks up along the window sill in class so all of you can see some of the interesting things your peers have done. If I don't have you in class tomorrow, you can still come and pick up your sketchbook at tutorial or after school if you know you want to have time to use the feedback I have provided - otherwise you will get it in class when I see you.

I hope you had a great weekend!

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