Thursday, September 13, 2018

Thinking About Assessment

As we are nearing the third week of the first grading period, a lot of grades will begin to turn up in both the Canvas and Aeries gradebooks.
I believe in a different form of assessment than many teachers, and it is certainly different than how I was assessed as a student.
I do not think you can do things the way they have always been done and find success in the same way.
I also do not believe that grades indicate learning. As a measurement tool they have plenty of things wrong with them.
Unfortunately for me they are a way of life for our students and our larger school community.

What I know is that if a student is present, working, and thoughtfully putting marks on a page/canvas that they will improve and show growth. They will also find out more about themselves and learn processes that are important to their development as individual humans - and individual humans that exist in a community.

While this is very lofty sounding indeed, there is truth in it.
It is about the learning, not about the grade. We all know that students have ways of achieving an "A" but not really and truly mastering the content. Unfortunately there is a lot of grade inflation and students (and families) too often expect a superior mark for less than superior performance.

With that said, I do have a process that I have been developing, and since we are getting to the point of having larger and finished projects coming up - and since the school requires marks in a gradebook - I wanted to share my general process with you.
This general process also links to a grading policies document - that includes a percentage scale - if you are interested.

Have a great day!

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